Is overCurious a Word?

Yes, it actually is a word. It’s not just two words stuck together with no space between them like many websites are these days. However, making the “c” uppercase is just an artist brand element. You don’t have to make the little “c” a big “C” when you come here, but you might feel cooler if you do.

Why overCurious Blog?

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What’s with the Store?

Our warehouse is filled with merchandise and we’re going to go broke if we can’t unload it. Not! Nobody does that anymore. When your order is placed, these products will be custom made for us and then shipped to you, That’s why we mention that it’s not a fast store at the top of the store page. We use a reputable supplier and we are a reputable team. Search our site for the “overCurious Store Officially Opens” post and check the comments for reviews.


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